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Press Release: A Dance with Bogie and Bacall by KevaD

A Dance with Bogie and Bacall (published Oct 10, 2011, by Noble Romance Publishing), is a sweet romance of two people who are probably so wrong for each other, except that a ghost who knows true love keeps insisting they're a perfect match:

Franci Johnson's grandparents, Maureen and Frank, shared the kind of romance most people believe only exists in movies. Until a ballroom fire took Maureen's life.

Franci grew up hearing her grandparents' love story a thousand times, and made a thousand wishes to find the kind of undying love Frank and Maureen had.

Radio DJ Scott Kincaid wants the ghost following him to go away. But Maureen thinks the hunky DJ might be just the man to make her granddaughter's wishes real--before Franci gives up, and lets them fade away.

In a Dance with Bogie and Bacall, KevaD, also known as prize-winning author and journalist David "DA" Kentner, offers a contemporary romance sprinkled with his unique humor and comforting prose, which results in a tale of love without end, and of new beginnings rising from tragedy.

The author is a former Chief of Police, U.S. Army veteran, and winner of Calliope magazine's 18th annual short fiction contest. As a freelance journalist, he interviews both famous and soon-to-be-famous authors for GateHouse News Service and the (Freeport) Journal-Standard. He currently has ten published books with two more contracted for release in early 2012.

ISBN: 978-1-60592-268-3
To order copies:
Noble Romance Publishing

David can be contacted at or at his home address:
5424 Bus. Rt 20 W
Freeport, IL 61032

Please be sure to visit David’s friend, publicist extraordinaire Imal Wagner, at

Q&A with KevaD

Q) How did the pen name KevaD originate?

A) KevaD is actually Dave K backwards. Not much of a disguise, but it was never meant to be. When I learned my first book would be published I got stage fright. Now, understand, I used to dismantle IEDs, assisted the Secret service and State Dept in providing personal security to the President and Secretary of State on foreign soil, worked as an undercover narcotics agent, investigated murders, robberies and all kinds of assorted crimes, headed a police department with 79 employees, spoke publicly at the drop of a hat, and was shaking in my slippers at the thought of having a book published.

For me it was like walking through the looking glass. That’s how the idea of KevaD came to be. He lives on the other side of my mirror.

Q) What kind of books do you read?

A) Everything. Really, I do. I love books of every flavor and genre. That said, I’m a tough audience. I don’t finish most books I start. But when an author and story grab my attention, I’m their willing prisoner to the last page.

Q) Describe yourself in one word.

A) Perplexed. My mind is constantly churning with characters and storylines. There isn’t much I can’t look at and see a tale buried within it. I’m sure this trait existed before I started writing, but once I actually sat down and unlocked that part of me, it’s been nonstop. I sometimes envision characters plotting against me because I haven’t had the chance to tell their stories yet. Kind of scary at times.

Q) What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

A) Though not necessarily the most adventurous, I rode a camel around the Egyptian pyramids. That was pretty cool. For adventure… three buddies and I river-rafted for a week when we were teens. Tame water.

Q) What’s your favorite food?

A) Pizza. I generally start my day with a glass of milk and Hershey’s syrup.

Q) Where and when do you write?

A) For now, I have a corner in the living room. I’ll write any time, day or night.

Q) Which of your heroines/heroes is most similar to you?

A) Taylor Hughes and Cheryl in my romantic suspense novel “Sunday Awakening.” Taylor is ordinary. It’s how he deals with situations that makes him extraordinary. He’s pretty much that guy next door who hasn’t quite figured his life out yet. Then he’s thrown into circumstances where he can either walk away or put it all on the line, knowing that at the end of the day he’ll go back to being that guy next door on the outside, but forever changed inside.
Cheryl is feral but nurturing. She has no idea why she had to survive years of torture and abuse, but she did. And she uses that strength that kept her alive to look for her dream of a home and family. If a reader looks under Cheryl’s coarse exterior they’ll find all she wants is what we all want – to be happy.

Q) Where are you from originally?

A) I was born in Savanna, IL, but once I entered the second grade my dad’s job as a traveling engineer for the Milwaukee railroad had us moving the entire time I was growing up. When I left home, I continued living the way I’d been raised – on the move. It wasn’t until I took a job with the Freeport Police Dept at the age of thirty that I finally found a place to settle down.

Q) What advice would you give to those who have never written a book, but believe they’d like to?

A) Do it. Don’t put it off. Life will throw every distraction it can at you. You see, even if the book is never published, just writing that vision is a huge achievement, and one you can be very proud of.

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